Zuoz Summer School 2020: VISION AND PRECISION


lyceum Alpinum, Zuoz

The PSI Zuoz Summer School is organized by the Theory Group of the Laboratory for Particle Physics (LTP) at PSI.

Zuoz Summer School 2020: VISION AND PRECISION photo
Bild: CHIPP, Switzerland

The school is intended for PhD students and postdocs in
experimental and theoretical particle physics.

is now open at https://www.psi.ch/particle-zuoz-school

All participants will be accommodated at the Lyceum Alpinum (full board and lodging). No partial board allowed. The total number of participants is limited.


Nicolas Berger (Annecy): Statistics
Jamie Boyd (CERN): From raw data to physics
Vincenzo Cirigliano (Los Alamos): EFT and low-energy probes of new physics
Barbara Jäger (Tübingen): Perturbative (QCD) calculations
Angela Papa (Pisa/PSI): Low-energy experiments
Renato Renner (ETH): Foundations of quantum mechanics
Andrea Wulzer (CERN/EPFL): The big questions


  • Elementarteilchenphysik
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