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CHIPP is an association uniting researchers active in particle, astroparticle and nuclear physics in Switzerland. It strengthens the Swiss participation in international projects and committees, coordinates research and teaching activities in Switzerland, and promotes public awareness of the field.more

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CHIPP Prize 2019 announcement

The CHIPP Prize is to reward annually the best PhD student in Experimental or Theoretical Particle Physics. In the evaluation, emphasis will be given to the quality of PhD scientific work and to its relevance within the student's research group, as well as to novel ideas brought up by the candidate.

CHIPP Prize 2019
Image: CHIPP, Switzerland

The applications are evaluated and assessed by the Selection Committee, at present composed of Gino Isidori (UZH, Chair), Aurelio Bay (EPFL), Alain Blondel (UniGE) and Ralph Eichler (ETHZ).

The announcement is sent to all CHIPP Members and follows the revised procedures as decided on 26 February 2016 by the CHIPP Board.

Previous winners and details can be found here.

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Wins the CHIPP Prize 2018: Dr. Claudia Tambasco.
Claudia Tambasco honoured with CHIPP Prize 2018

In order for physicists at CERN to carry out their experiments for the understanding of matter, the large particle accelerator LHC must be operated with the utmost precision. Ensuring this

Image: Claudia Tambasco, EPFL, Switzerland
Porträt Lilian Witthauer
CHIPP Price 2015

In Goethe´s renowned play “Faust” polymath Heinrich Faust poses the question “whatever holds the world together in its inmost folds”. In his search for an answer he even commits himself


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