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CHIPP is an association uniting researchers active in particle, astroparticle and nuclear physics in Switzerland. It strengthens the Swiss participation in international projects and committees, coordinates research and teaching activities in Switzerland, and promotes public awareness of the field.more

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SWAPS 2014 : Strategic Workshop on AstroParticle in Switzerland 2014


Hôtel Restaurant de Cartigny

This informal Workshop of 2.5 days will gather the Swiss community working on Neutrinos, Dark Matter and High Energy Astrophysics together with international experts. The meeting will involve theorists and experimentalists.It aims at comparing our approach to address problematics in the field above and it also aims at starting discussions between the cosmology/astrophysics community. The spirit of the meeting is to look into the next future and on what are the domains of interest to contribute on. The event is supported by SCNAT - Swiss Academy of Sciences and CHIPP - the Swiss Institute of Particle Physics.

SWAPS 2014


  • Particle Physics
Languages: English