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CHIPP riunisce i ricercatori di fisica delle particelle, dell'astroparticella e del nucleare in Svizzera. Rafforza la partecipazione della Svizzera a progetti e comitati internazionali. Coordina le attività di ricerca e di insegnamento e stimola l'interesse del grande pubblico.di più

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Sustainability @CHIPP

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Existing waste from the operation of conventional nuclear power plants could even be used as fuel ?

Learn more about the Transumex project and about the engagement of the community in projects for a more sustainable future, link

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The FCC would build on CERN’s existing accelerator network and be fed particles by the LHC.
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The use of High Temperature Superconductors (HTS) and normal conducting technology for the combined function magnets is explored with comparisons to the current baseline aiming for potential savings above 10% of the synchrotron radiation power?

Learn more about the HTS FCC-ee and about the engagement of the community in projects for a more sustainable future, talk of Cristobal Garcia at the CHIPP/CHART Sustainability Workshop, details

more details: link

PSI Swiss Light Source SLS 2.0 at PSI
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the Swiss Light Source SLS 2.0 project at the PSI will significantly improve the intensity of the synchrotron light at the experimental stations from 2025 onwards, while at the same time reducing energy consumption by 30 percent?


The PSI is researching novel, more efficient and sustainable energy technologies and also using them in its own facilities.

Learn more in

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The Swiss particle physics and accelerator technology communities are gathering in a three-day workshop on Sustainability in Particle Physics next week at Sursee?


Learn more about the CHIPP/CHART Sustainability in Particle Physics Workshop and about the engagement of the community in projects for a more sustainable future linkl

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5 June 2023

Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of @UN’s #WorldEnvironmentDay.🌍

#OnThisDay, CERN reflects on and commits to environmentally responsible research. Curious about the diverse ways in which CERN acts to minimise its impact on the #environment? Watch this video to learn more. 👇

For the rest of this week, join CERN and its partners as we celebrate our efforts and reiterate our commitment to continuing to do better. #EPPCNenvironment

Video link

CERN will publish its third environment report later this year. In the meantime, find out more in its first and second reports: