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CHIPP riunisce i ricercatori di fisica delle particelle, dell'astroparticella e del nucleare in Svizzera. Rafforza la partecipazione della Svizzera a progetti e comitati internazionali. Coordina le attività di ricerca e di insegnamento e stimola l'interesse del grande pubblico.di più

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Strategic Workshops & Documents


The FCC (Future Circular Collider) is a future particle accelerator, with phases allowing for the precision study of the standard model, as well as for reaching never-before achieved collision energies. The FCC has been endorsed by the 2020 Update of the European Strategy for particle physics, and is currently being pursued actively by the international community.
CHIPP has begun creating a new structure called CHEF "CH Experimental research at the FCC", in order to foster long-term Swiss participation in the next future particle collider at CERN. A document describing many envisioned research projects of CHEF has been prepared, and is available here.
For more information on these research activities, please contact the CHIPP chair.

CHEF Document

CHIPP Roadmap 2024 workshop
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CHIPP Roadmap Workshop 2024

in Balsthal (CH) the 18-19 January 2024


CHIPP Roadmap 2021 image

CHIPP Roadmap

for Research and Infrastructure 2025-2028 and beyond by the Swiss Particle Physics Community


CHIPP Roadmap Workshop 27-28 August 2020, Kandersteg
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CHIPP Roadmap Workshop 2020

27-28 Aug 2020, Kandersteg

All information available here:

Minutes of the Plenary 27-08-2020 document

Minutes of the Plenary 28-08-2020 document