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CHIPP riunisce i ricercatori di fisica delle particelle, dell'astroparticella e del nucleare in Svizzera. Rafforza la partecipazione della Svizzera a progetti e comitati internazionali. Coordina le attività di ricerca e di insegnamento e stimola l'interesse del grande pubblico.di più

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Survey of the current and former CHIPP community

Dear current and former CHIPP members who already have a PhD, we very much hope you can answer these survey questions, which will help us gauge the demographics of the health of our particle physicists and particle physics program in Switzerland. Please feel free to share the link to this web page to previous CHIPP colleagues, especially those who may be hard to find! These responses will be maintained and analyzed anonymously.

The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

5.Which of the following parts of your life have you held in Swiss institutions?
6. With which CHIPP institutions have you held positions? (Note: CERN is not considered a CHIPP institution)
7. Gender
8. Primary type of PhD

9. Research category(ies) while in CHIPP:

10. Current job(s) (multiple responses possible):

11. Current position appointment(s) (multiple responses possible):

18. Can we also keep your email on our private alumni list? This is only in case we think of another way to help analyze the health of Swiss particle physics or help our alumni! We promise only 2 or less emails per year, and a clear way to unsubscribe.)