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Die Dachorganisation der Schweizer Forschenden auf dem Gebiet der Teilchen-, Astroteilchen- und Kernphysik unterstützt Schweizer Beteiligungen an internationalen Projekten und in internationalen Gremien. Sie koordiniert die Forschungs- und Ausbildungsbestrebungen sowie die Öffentlichkeitsarbeit.mehr

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CHIPP organisation

CHIPP Plenary meeting 2023
CHIPP Plenary meeting 2023Bild: CHIPP

The Swiss Institute for Particle Physics (CHIPP) is an association according to Swiss law regrouping all the particle, astroparticle, and nuclear physicists holding a Master in physics and working for a Swiss institution, as well as the Swiss PhD nationals working at CERN.

Founded in 2003, CHIPP aims at strengthening in Switzerland three main pillars:

-Particle physics at the high-energy and intensity frontiers
-Astroparticle physics
-Neutrino physics

This is achieved by:

  • helping towards a successful participation of Swiss groups in international projects
  • advising the Universities/ETHs on vacant professorships and academic strategies, and coordinate teaching activities
  • ensuring a proper Swiss representation in relevant national and international bodies
  • promote public awareness on particle, astroparticle and nuclear physics

CHIPP is organized as a two-level system:

the strategic level comprises the Plenary meeting – the supreme body of the Association – and the Board, where all Professors active in particle, Astroparticle and nuclear physics assemble. Several subcommittees are dealing with specific issues: Outreach, Computing, CHIPP Prize.
The operational level, where the day-to-day business of the Association is handled by the Executive Board.

The CHIPP Association is embedded the Swiss Civil Code and has given itself a set of Statutes and Bylaws, which have come into force on 26 January 2011, the day of the official ‘Gründungsversammlung’ required by Swiss Law.