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CHIPP reunit les chercheuses et chercheurs dans la physique des particules, des astroparticules et de la physique nucléaire en Suisse. Il renforce la participation suisse dans des projets et des comités internationaux. Il coordonne la recherche et les activités d’enseignement et stimule l’intérêt du grand public.en plus

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  • Illustration of the upgraded neutrino production devices
  • SWICH Workshop photo
  • EPFL professor Lesya Shchutska wins the Swiss Science Prize Latsis 2023.
  • CHIPP Prize 2023 Anne-Mazarine Lyon
  • Admir Greljo is an expert for flavour phenomenology  in Basel
  • EPFL assistant professor Radoslav Marchevski has introduced his specialty – kaon physics – to Switzerland .
  • Two employees from the University of Geneva test components of the FASER particle detector during the experiment's commissioning phase in 2021.
  • The experimental setup at the cyclotron - DIAMON
  • CHIPP WomenInScience 2023
  • CHIPP Winter School 2023
  • Ben Kilminster (circled) watching the announcement of the Higgs discovery in the middle of the night at Fermilab
  • Logo CHIPP
  • Künstlerische Darstellung des geplanten Einstein-Teleskops.
  • Born in Catania, Sicily, Gabriel Cuomo went to Trieste for his master's degree, to Lausanne as a doctoral student, and finally to New York as a postdoc. The picture shows Cuomo during a visit to Switzerland.
  • Comparison between RK measurements. The measurements by the BaBar and Belle collaborations combine B+→K+ℓ+ℓ− and B0→KS0ℓ+ℓ− decays, where ℓ is a lepton. The previous LHCb measurements and the new result [4], which supersedes them, are also shown.
  • CHIPP Roadmap for Research and Infrastructure 2025–2028 and beyond by the Swiss Particle Physics Community
  • The xenon detector at the core of the LUX-ZEPLIN experiment

The Swiss Institute of Particle Physics (CHIPP) is the bottom-up organisation of Swiss particle and astroparticle physics researchers in Switzerland as a legal entity of Swiss law. CHIPP is tasked with coordinating the national efforts in the realm of particle and astroparticle physics.

This is achieved by keeping a continuous dialogue between the particle physicists of different cantonal universities and federal institutes. CHIPP is recognized as the representative of Swiss particle physics both nationally and internationally. It awards yearly a Prize to a PhD student, supports workshops and conferences, organises PhD schools, and develops outreach projects.

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Illustration of the upgraded neutrino production devices

Neutrino experiment comes back to life

Good news from the “T2K” neutrino experiment project in Japan: it has started taking data again at the end of last year after an extensive upgrade of its neutrino beam

Image : J-PARC/Rey.Hori


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