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CHIPP reunit les chercheuses et chercheurs dans la physique des particules, des astroparticules et de la physique nucléaire en Suisse. Il renforce la participation suisse dans des projets et des comités internationaux. Il coordonne la recherche et les activités d’enseignement et stimule l’intérêt du grand public.en plus

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PhD School

CHIPP Winter School 2022 photo
Image : CHIPP, Switzerland

Indico page of the last CHIPP Winter School 16-21 January 2022

The Swiss Institute for Particle Physics (CHIPP) hosts an annual winter school based on the activities of the swiss institutes involved in particle and astro-particle physics. The purpose of the school is to offer young physicists an opportunity to learn about recent advances in elementary-particle physics from local and world-leading researchers. The school program includes lectures on accelerator and non-accelerator particle physics (detectors, LHC physics, neutrinos, astrophysics, flavor physics) from an experimental and phenomenological perspective.

MLHEP2020 image
Image : MLHEP, Switzerland

Sixth Machine Learning in High Energy Physics Summer School 2020

The Sixth Machine Learning summer school organised by Yandex School of Data Analysis, Laboratory of Methods for Big Data Analysis of National Research University Higher School of Economics, and High Energy Physics Laboratory LPHE at EPFL will be held at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland from the 16th to 30th of July 2020.

The materials of the summer school started to emerge as a free online course.

Currently, there are two sections out of six. More to come soon.
Any feedback is appreciated!

Zuoz Summer School 2020: VISION AND PRECISION photo
Image : CHIPP, Switzerland

PSI Summer School in Zuoz

Vision and Precision

9-15 August 2020
Lyceum Alpinum, Zuoz

PSI Zuoz Summer School Exothiggs 2016
Image : CHIPP, Switzerland

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CHIPP PhD Winter School 2015

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The PhD Winter School of the Swiss Institute of Particle Physics (CHIPP)

CHIPP PhD Winter School 2013

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CHIPP Winter School 2011

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